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The Pioneer

Something I wrote just now in the moment through WhatsApp, to help a friend in need. A pioneer.

Thought I would share it with you and the world.

Give them what they want and earn the right to give them what they need.

You need to build a bridge for them to cross that chasm. They are afraid of what they do not know and when people are afraid they ignore the issue at hand.

Ignorance is bliss.

Relate to them. Find rapport. Empathise with their problems and help them define and understand the problems better so fear becomes manageable. Earn their trust and respect. Be likeable and relatable. Only then may you transform their beliefs and earn the right to be their guide to cross this bottomless chasm and see what you see on the other side.

It takes time and patience. Perseverance and hard work. Much sacrifice. It will test you to the very essence of your being. The only way you will get through it is to believe you can make it, but may die trying. That will be your legacy. You will take the arrows and they hurt and may even kill you… so the people you are helping and the people who follow them can settle and enjoy the new-found land.

Being a pioneer hurts and most don’t make it.

There is a silent decade you must persevere through. With little gratitude and recognition from others. You will need to find the energy to endure this silent decade from a deeper inner mission to change something for the better, and from the resistance you feel from the very people you are trying to help.

You will take many punches along the way and you can handle that. Get back up every time and that will fuel the fire that will earn their respect and trust.

Most never get back up and accept defeat too early. But you are different. You get back up. And you keep fighting.

Pioneers Take the Arrows, Settlers Take the Land.


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