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This is not how we do things here…

This is not how we do things here…

Businesses grow and mature based on the implementation of peoples assumptions, which eventually become outdated.

In time, without an adaptive culture, which drives organizational evolution through a test & learn mentality, an organization becomes irrelevant.

This becomes a startups greatest opportunity and an incumbents greatest weakness.

The greatest challenge any incumbent organization will face in its lifetime as it matures into its perceived potential, is the ability to look beyond conventional wisdom. The very wisdom which has brought them to where they are.

So when you hear someone say the words “this is not how we do things here”, you now know that they may be trapped in the allure of conventional wisdom and may need your help to see beyond and into the minds of the startups that will in time disrupt them.

These words may come from a colleague you respect and maybe even trust. So it will take courage.

Let’s stumble forward together…

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