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Welcome to the information age

Note to companies asking themselves how aggressively they should pursue their digital customers. If your customers are consuming content, services, products and relationships through digital channels and you are not following them then you need to ask yourself how long you will remain in business.

We are undergoing the largest technology disruption in human history and the Internet is at the core of this disruption acting as a catalyst. Welcome to a new digital era where technology and data is allowing business to play by new rules and re-invent the game. This is going to keep happening as states continue losing control over their people, territories and boarders (china knew this from the start). Google will go down in human history as a company that accelerated our adoption of the information age.

It’s not necessarily a good thing for society. We will have to learn to live in this newly emerging digitally infected world as a host must adapt to a viral infection in order to survive and co-exist. You will see government tighten up regulations on privacy and security over the coming decade, trying to regulate this new connected data economy. We are back in the wild-wild-west and disruptive innovators like amazon, facebook, uber, airbnb are the spaghetti westerns we use to watch and remnants of the early stages of the industrial age. Prepare for a very exciting next few decades as humanity adapts to living with technology as a newly emerging technology infection for which we will need to adopt and co-exist or perish.

Welcome to the information age. Welcome to an age that will not be measured in centuries, but in decades. The age that could see the end of humanity as we know it, or see it thrive to new levels of co-existence with technology. Not many of us work independently of this connection machine called the Internet. We are all affected and infected. You are in the right place. Keep learning. Keep asking the right questions. Challenge the status quo. Adapt. Adopt. Pivot. Survive. Seek happiness for yourself and others at every stage of the journey. Only then, can you be certain that your intentions are true to life’s purpose.

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