Chris Baldwin Keynote Speaker

Welcome! This is my little place on the Internet, where I do my best to update you on what’s been going on in my life. It’s not meant to be this licked out website hidden behind some designers brilliance. It’s me. And thanks to the WordPress community, I put this website together and coded, wrote and designed every pixel with passion and love. What you read on this website should create a meaningful connection between you and me.

Chris Baldwin Keynote Speaker

The past couple of years I have been speaking a lot in front of a growing audience. And I love it! There is nothing like being on stage and communicating to so many people live at once. Its focused attention and the perfect stage to create influence and help people thrive. You can view my professional speaker website at

Chris Baldwin
(76) IAB Sweden Mixx Awards 2017 - Keynote Chris Baldwin - YouTube - Google Chrome_4

Here is the keynote presentation in early 2017 that turned a lot of thinks around for me. Since this keynote, I have been speaking regularly on stages and keep getting asked to do it again.

I am writing a book on “meaningful connections” which is a model I am developing that acts as a compass to help individuals and organizations build better relationships through technology and power their digital transformations.

I also love to consult for organization with a desire to do good in this world and scale their impact. For this I founded a company that  leverages the exponential nature of technology to grow organisations with the desire to do good. I call this company 10x Digital. [read more]

This website serves as my blog, where I share thoughts and ideas about trends in technology, marketing, business, startups, biotech, health, fitness and whatever makes us happy 🙂

I have an email list which you are free to subscribe to below where I share my thoughts and ideas directly to your inbox.

You can read a summarized version of my life story here. I am very active on Linkedin so connect with me and feel free to engage in a chat.

For the rest, reach out to me and lets create… a meaningful connection 🙂