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Why are you here?

I am someone that always tries to ask the right questions. I often spend more time thinking about the question, then it takes me to find the answer.

I manage a team as the strategy director of the largest online performance agency in the Netherlands and my goal is to get them to a place they never believed they could reach. To help them develop their talents and face their fears and battle through them to face new challenges and new fears in work and in life (for me there is no difference). I love my work so much, it is my life and therefore I do not work.

It starts by asking the right questions: Why are you here?

If you read this far, check out the pyramid below and think about this for yourself. Why do you go to work? Why are you there? How does it make you feel?


Over the past half year, I have helped to shape the mission and vision for my agency with my team. We did it together and came to some amazing outcomes. The key to our success as an agency is in nurturing, developing and retaining talent and to help them climb this pyramid. Our ambition as an organization is for any individual to leave, but only when they are ready to do so. You know you are getting close to it when you are at the top of this pyramid. Who would leave a organization with this type of ambition for the people within it? Someone that is ready to leave for a new challenge. Someone that is self-aware. And when they do, the organization has achieved its goal and the individual brings back to the organization for life by infecting others with the magical DNA the organization so carefully crafted into you.

I start by asking my team: Why are you here?

Think about it.



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