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The Wisdom of Jack Ma

I really admire #JackMa for his wisdom. You can watch him capture the power of woman and why great leadership can’t function without them in just 45 seconds in his speech at the World Economic Forum #WEF2018.

He explains the important of #IQ, #EQ and #LQ and how an organization needs a balance of the 3 to survive in the long run.

#Woman are a critical part of creating this balance. Males simply lack emotion and empathy. What men love and are emotional about is boosting their own intelligence for all to see and be-wonder.

Without love and empathy within your organization and towards your customers, #Trust and #Respect starts to break down and make your organization sick.

Including #Woman into leadership roles, on boards, in c-suite helps an organization develop and learn empathy, compassion and love, which is really the first step in a journey to place the customer central and more importantly, acting in the customers best interest instead of your own. All the other shit comes later. Without this critical first step of wisdom, you may succeed in the short term, but will crash and burn in the long term. We see it happen all the time.

If you do not do this, over time you start not just to alienate your customers, but people within your own organization. Its toxic.

Stop with the short-term thinking already and start building organizations for the long run. Just because digital is moving so fast, does not mean we have to at the cost of values we hold dear.

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